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Life again

Today´s Monday. It seems now that I post almost everyday, I wish I could improve my writing, but most of the times I have no idea what to write about. Everyday day life? sure why not. I had breakfast, which consisted of two sunny side up eggs, French toast and coffee of course. I ate even though I wasn´t hungry, but people just keep telling me how I am about to break if I don´t eat. Of course I eat, can´t survive on eating nothing. Either way my dad says I don´t look that skinny so it´s ok XD

Santa didn´t get me anything this year either, not a man like I asked hahahaha I think I´m gonna text Santa telling him to... well you know. Dinner on Christmas was ok, I drank too much so I went to bed extremely early and I couldn´t take any pics hahaha how funny, I´m always the last person to go to sleep me thinks and that day I just couldn´t do it. I blame the beers, piñas coladas and whatnot. My stupid friend says he doesn´t drink, oh come on!!!! but then again I know this other who just is going straight to hell if he keeps that up too. Oh well, it´s been an interesting year. Need to make a review in my life to check all the things that I didn´t do again and maybe I will next year that or ....nevermind.


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Dec. 28th, 2010 07:32 pm (UTC)
Santa is evil >:[
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